I have a small business just over a year old. I opened and funded it with an agreement with a person I installed as manager.

He failed to live up to the minimum standards he set for himself and the store, so I finally terminated him. 4 days later I get a call from Vericore. Within 30 seconds the call went from pleasant to harrassment. He was going to call all my creditors(all current)and tell them I was a deadbeat.

He was going to get a judgement against me.

He was going to destroy me financially if I didn't pay up by close of business today. The Account he was calling about was behind but I was under the understanding that I could take care of it in the next 30 to 45 days. He wouldn't even discuss it.

my only option was to pay him today or face financial disaster.

Needless to say it was a complete shock, but 24 hours later I am beginning to get a grip on it.

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Vericore is doing the same to us. Would love to file a lawsuit againt them.

Let me know if I can help. Thank you.

Itasca, Texas, United States #16328

Vericore is "claiming" they are not governed by the FDCPA because they are going after "business" debt not "consumber" debt...so does this give them the right to...falsely represent, harass, place phone calls to owners homes before 8am (I received calls at 6:45am), contact thrid parties regarding the debt, harass employees....??? They said they are not allowed to harass consumers regading business debt if there is a personal guarantor, but they are! They said they are not allowed to call owners at home, but they are!!!

We have been paying our debt directly to the party we owe it to, yet they are still calling.

I would love to file a lawsuit against these guys...they are just hoping that since they are debt collecting that no one has enough money to file. I have been collecting evidence on them since day one. They need to be sued for what they are doing!

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