Here are the names and telephone numbers of the MAIN harassers from Vericore: It's time their info becomes public so they can be harassed as well

-Kevin Zindars Sales Rep

2631 W Desert Hills Drive

Phoenix, AZ 85096

Home Tel # 623-465-8896

-Dylan W. Esteve Sales Rep

907 21st Street

Gretna, LA 70053

Home Tel # 504-368-3136

*Happy belated BDAY Dylan!

-Ted Mascaro COO

16264 M P Planche Rd

Covington, LA 70435

Home Tel # 985-875-0666

Addl Address:

16598 M P Planche Rd

Covington, LA 70435

*Home for Sale for $980,000!

-Timothy P. Sanderson Pres & CEO

75111 Highway 1083

Covington, LA 70435

Home Tel # 985-809-3852

-Company Address:


1200 W Causeway Approach

Suite 26

Mandeville, LA 70471

Tel # 985-626-1701

***More Names and Info to Come....

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while it would be nice to harass thiese individuals, they are not the ones who are making the collection calls.


mike reginald...lying piece of ***

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