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Give Me A Break Vericore Please Please Please.Not You Bunch Of Panzies! You Couldnt Get Information On A Lizard Much Less Someones Bank Acct,Or Business Info.You Wanna Be Detectives.

Well Detect These Nuts In Your Mouth.

Have you been harassed enough? But i have finally found the man who can stop Vericore legally. He is within the company but knows when their tactics are illegal and can help. Call 1-800-375-3186 and ask for James Frederick or fax your complaint to 1-704-948-5604 attn: James Frederick.

Please include your case #. I stated that by contacting my vendors he was hurting my business and may never get his money if he continued.

Vericore knows they are borderline illegal and have to stop at some point so this guy pulls them back before they cross that line. Give him a call and he will help

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Well Anonymous, if you had paid your bills then Vericore would not be calling. Honest small businesses like mine can not live with customers like you.

I welcome anyway they can get us our money even if it means calling you every day at home at work, calling your other vendors etc. Unfortunitly they can not get blood from a turnip and we only have a 2 out of 5 success record with Vericore but I appreciate the time they saved me by doing the job.

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